The Music of Boston

Boston has a long history as an American hub of unique culture. Not only does it have its own language and recognizable accent, but it has been choice destination for Irish immigrants, which has impacted Boston’s political and religious views greatly, along with the rest of Massachusetts. Boston is considered a city of culture, which can be attributed to its universities. It’s truly a college town, filled with history, art, theater, and, of course, music. If you’re looking for a music store Boston has many with any sort of music you’re looking for.

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The music of Boston has an extended history that dates back to 1640 with The Bay Psalme Book, the very first book printed in the American colonies, and the standard for New England churches for many years after its publication. True to its maritime tradition, Massachusetts also has seen a wide collection of sea shanties. A handful of important names in American Folk Music have ties to Boston, like James Taylor.

Boston, and Massachusetts as a whole, has even given us Jazz artists like Irene Higginbotham, Jaki Byard, Ralph Burns, Johnny Rae, and more. The city has also seen major contributors to R&B and Rock. Jonzun Crew was an early hip-hop group in Boston in the 1980s.

Along with its rich Irish-American heritage, Boston also boasts a connection to traditional Irish music. The Irish community of Boston celebrates its history and culture with plenty of opportunities to listen to and have fun with traditional Irish music.

Not only does Boston host a wealth of history about the American colonies and the founding of the United States as a country, but it offers limitless opportunities to explore the musical history of the country and the culture of the music of its people as well.

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