Why You Should Pick Up Those Dancing Shoes

Whether you salsa, merengue, waltz or do ballet, dance has something for every preference.  It is not only good for your body, but also for your mind and can lead to a happier you.  If you want to learn professionally, then look for the best dance schools in miami to help you get some pointers.  Below are the reasons you should infuse dance into your workout routine.

·    It keeps you social

Working out in a gym is typically an individual activity.  After a long day of stress, you go and silently, or with music, work out.  You focus on your weights, your goals, and your mind is allowed to race through what happened at work.  However, when you dance, you are social.  It is typically a group, like in hip hop, or partner, like salsa or merengue.  It can help you forge friendships and keep you positive.

·    Anyone can do it

Yes, there are professionals that need to have some innate talent.  However, with so many dance types available, you can find the right style for you. 

·    Lowers risk of dementia

According to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, dancing regularly can reduce the risk of dementia!

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·    Not a lot of equipment needed

While there are bars for ballet, most dances just need your body and music.  Of course, an instructor may be helpful to avoid flailing around instead of dancing gracefully.

·    You can have a lot of fun doing it

Dancing, no matter what your skill set, is an overall fun activity to do and most people get a great cardio workout without even realizing it.  This is a great idea for anyone who hates to work out, but wants to be healthier and stronger.  It is also a great way to slowly build ability over time.

Whatever dance floats your boat, it is a great way to get out there and be with people while taking care of your health.

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